Membership Plans

Members are responsible for maintaining insurance coverage for physician health care, hospitalization, specialty and catastrophic care. Member insurance will be billed for laboratory and diagnostic services. All out of office costs are the responsibility of the members and their insurance companies.

Rates as of March 2018:

Single Membership under 50 years old $2,500 per year
Single Membership 50 to 75 years old $3,500 per year
Single Membership over 75 years old $4,500 per year
Family Membership under 50 years old* $4,000 per year
Family Membership 50 to 75 years old* $6,000 per year
Family Membership over 75 years old* $8,000 per year

*Family includes any unmarried children up to age 32. For children under 16, FirstLine can help arrange private pediatric care.

If your health insurance plan includes a medical savings account, you may be able to use those funds to pay for your FirstLine membership. Ask your accountant, attorney or human resources professional.



Executive membership packages
FirstLine helps keep the top people in your organization in top shape with corporate membership plans. Ask about programs for your executive compensation packages.

Enrollment is limited. Secure your membership.

To maintain its focus on personalized care, FirstLine will serve a limited number of patients.
To secure your membership, contact Leisa Heinzman at

All FirstLine members are required to maintain hospitalization and major medical coverage through an insurance provider.