Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services are offered?

A. FirstLine PHC is a private health care service offering access to your doctors on your schedule. Drs. Story and McCallum are respected internists with the experience, means, and a network of colleagues to provide prompt scheduling, consultations, procedures, and referrals.

Preventative care is very important at FirstLine PHC. Annual physicals are given the time and care they really deserve, allowing for all the proper testing as well as in-depth discussions about the results.

At FirstLine PHC, there is always plenty of time to discuss issues such as adult vaccinations, supplement and vitamin use, and other topics that traditional doctors may not take the time to address.

Emergency services assure you that either Dr. Story or Dr. McCallum will attend to you promptly and will personally arrange for your hospitalization if necessary, with follow-up visits by the doctors themselves.

House calls? Of course. In fact, all of the “non-covered” services in other doctors’ practices are routine at FirstLine PHC.

Q. What does this cost?

A. The annual charge is $3,000, though, for another $2,000, you may add your spouse and unmarried children under 25 years of age. Due to Medicare or insurance contracts, you may be required to pay a per-visit co-pay. By law, we cannot waive this charge or have you pre-pay it.

There is no charge for special written reports following your annual physical examination.

There is no charge for intervening on your behalf with Medicare or your insurance provider.

There is no charge for any “un-covered services” as defined by Medicare or your insurance provider.

The extra time and effort we put into your health care is included in your membership. That’s what makes FirstLine PHC special.

Q. How do I enroll?

A. Just contact Leisa Heinzman at 317-814-4111. Leisa can be contacted by email at

Liesa can answer your questions and take you on a tour of our facility, and will schedule new patients for an appointment for a physical examination and consultation with Dr. Story or Dr. McCallum.

Q. How do I contact the doctors in an emergency?

A. FirstLine PHC members are issued a card with contact information to reach either Dr. Story or Dr. McCallum, any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

Q. If I decide to quit FirstLine, are my fees refundable?

A. Fees are payable annually and may be charged to a credit card twice a year, but are not refundable.

Q. Is there a penalty for canceling or changing an appointment with less than 24 hours notice?

A. No cancellation penalties.

Q. What if I just have a question regarding a health issue?

A. Just call 317-814-4111 or email Leisa Heinzman at

Q. Can I pay the yearly fee in installments?

A. Yes, in two equal installments.

Q. Who do I contact regarding insurance issues?

A. Contact Leisa Heinzman at 317-814-4117. By email Leisa can be reached at

For any other questions, please contact Firstline PHC